career guidance

Career Guidance.

Career guidance is the support provided to humans to choose and prepare for the right job.

According to the International Labor Organization (ILO), Career Guidance is the support provided by motivating a person with a number of issues related to his / her progress and career choice, keeping in mind the individual’s special or special abilities, interests, fitness ,and relationships with them.

Career guidance is an interpersonal process that helps individuals with career problems.

career guidance has a lot of different numerous of names. such as Vocational guidance,Occupational Counselling and Vocational counselling.

What is guidance?

According to Jones ” Guidance involves personal given by someone, it is designed to assist a person to decide where who want to go, what who want to do, who can best accomplish his/her purpose, it assists him/her to solve problems that arise in his/her life”

Career Guidance activities.

career guidance activities

high- income countries career guidance activities have categorised for five specialities.

Career information.

All information is necessary to design, acquire and retain a payment or volunteer service, including but not limited to professions, skills, career paths, learning opportunities, educational and training institutions, government and non-governmental programs, and employment opportunities.

Career education.

Teachers, guidance counselors, and community resources are distributed in educational institutions and sometimes in community organizations. It helps students understand their motives, values ​​, and opportunities for education/training, life and work opportunities, community service, and work-life.

Career counselling.

Helps people to clarify their goals and ambitions, understand their identity, make informed decisions, commit to action, manage planned and unplanned career transitions.

Employment counselling.

It helps people to clarify their immediate job goals, understand job and skills training opportunities, and learn the skills needed to find and maintain jobs. (cv or rewriting, interview skills)

Job placement.

Direct or refer people to job vacancies. This is often a public and private market activity. Some colleges and universities also offer job placement services to their students.

Objectives of career guidance.

  • Assist humans to acquire knowledge about the characteristics, functions, and duties of the profession.
  • Allow humans to obtain relevant information on abilities and skills according to the requirements and competencies required to take up the identified job.
  • Allow humans to understand their potential and interest in a recognized job or group of occupations.
  • To help people develop competencies and make appropriate choices for accrued information through the use of professional information.
  • Assisting people to obtain information on various post education and training facilities and apprenticeship schemes.
  • Allowing people to choose the right kind of job.
  • Development of self-employment for people in developer entrepreneurship.

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