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Turning point.

we can be define turning point as a peculiar circumstance people have to face. Sometimes it begins based on some situation in life such as happy, sad, and despondent. It may be affected by the success or failure of our life.

Everyone knew about the good effect of a turning point but most of the people but, most of the people don’t know what about the bad effect of that. Whether the change is good or not that decides according to good or bad effect in the society.

Not only that, but some people had also bereft their success by some change like addiction to drugs. Therefore we have to know how to change or turn our life correctly.

There are a lot of people in this world, who change their life correctly and they became successful men. There was a boy, he was born on January 17 of 1942. One day, his bicycle is stolen. When the policeman asked about that he said that ”if I can catch thief I will hit to flat his face”. Thereafter policeman said that” if your want hit to flat his face you have to learn boxing firstly. This child decided to learn boxing. He is the world boxing champion in the last 100 years name Muhammad Ali. There are a lot of energetic persons in the world like this

The importance of identifies our turning point…

How to win life, fore there where fail life, on top of all this how to not falling and how to get up again we should know as a successful person. If someone wants to change their life they have to face a strange experience, random doings and a lot of wonderful experience. If you need to change your life forward a new target you have to face these adventures. 

Someone may think, this is unable to do because it is not the same as daily life. But when we are coming to this world as a baby we don’t bring any habits. we are free. After a few years habits, believes, and attitudes are added to our life. Thereafter we have been lived according to these. There are success and failure may be hiding in those habits.If we have bad habits we will go forward failure.Therefore we should find where is our changing point.

How to change your life.


For that, we have to do first change our day to day habits as well. This change should be done according to some dream of our life. For example, you think someone needs to become a rich person when he should understand what is his needs to achieve his target, ho to get those, and how to work for that. It may be a plan. If you have a good plan you can use that plane as turning point of your life. Then you could turn your life effectively.

Random receipts.

We can define random receipts as an unexpected post, money, or any profits. In that situation, people always bewilder and cannot think about what am I should do now. If someone receives random receipts like those he must put that aside temporarily. Then they should look at it as equanimous.

For instance, if you win the lottery you must do firstly put up that money is temporary. Then you may start thinking about what I should from these, how to invest, and how to manage those. If your complex to think about that you can go and meet some advisers. There are great deal advisers in the world. We should spend this money according to some plan. If we spend money without any plan those may be lost. Therefore we should know how to invest correctly.

Ho to change your life happily.

Human is living mainly 4 worlds and happiness decide according to we spend our life in these world.

Various world of our life
  • The spiritual world. If a man wants to be a senior, wants happiness, and wants to be a spend happy life they have to identify this world. So this world is more important than other worlds.
  • The mental world. The mental world consists of believes, habits. attitudes and standards had been collected by us. We have been living according to these concepts in this world.
  • The emotional world. The emotional world begins on the heart by our mind such as love, protection, hotness, self confidences, arrogance, determination, acerbity, angry, and jealous. These are characteristics of the emotional world.
  • The physical world. Such as sun, moon, stars, trees, vines, and buildings are include of this world. These are all, we can see from our eyes.

But more important world is spiritual world through those and it is spirit part of mind. Some psychologist defined that is as psyche but it has some reciprocates.

According to Albert Einstein,” the human truly be a human after start yo study about mind”


There are a lot of people in the world who have worked with a spiritual mind became a success. For example, there was a millionaire businessman in Japan and his name is Inamori who was born on January 21 of 1932. He had studied a spiritual mind when he is 9 years old. one day a monk said that when you look at the world always think that it is good and bad or qualities and flaws and you should live according to these.

This theory explains, before someone does something he should that is good or bad for others. to whom, himself, others, environment, and cosmos. For instance, someone carries on soil business, begins new job opportunities, and human soil needs are satisfied but to the environment, is that friendly?. No, Never. So we have to choose our job as good for everyone.

In this statement, someone may ha a problem, if I think before something doing this is good or bad, about some jobs. For example, a doctor will be unable to treat some killer, a lawyer will be unable to face for a thief, an engineer will be unable to build a house for some financial convict.

We can take a solution from Inamori’s life for these questions. He lost his job during world war and lost his four family members for the epidemic. But didn’t fall, he starts his life from cloth hut. His livelihood was selling paper bags. He had followed a degree in Chemistry at a university.

After a few years, he started his job in a tile company. Then he understood this tile is not friendly for the environment. He took a decision, I should resign from this company later who started the first environment-friendly tile company. Its name is KYOCERA. He gives jobs at about 650000 peoples. So we can define that is as spiritual capital.

So according to Inamori’s life and Psychology we can say that, spiritual mind is not abort for any jobs.

  • In the medical profession, the doctor treats the patient, not the killer. Its we should understand clearly, then we haven’t a problem with that. The judgment will take a decision about that. Don’t worry.
  • The legal profession, This is different from the doctor but we can create some policy in our life. ”I won’t sacrifice my job for defaulter”. Then you will be able to lead a happy life.
  • The contraction profession, The engineer plans a house for his customer, not a thief. Actually, who is he? its not relevant for your job.

According to above details,we are understood important of turning point, if you improve your spiritual mind you can turn your life successfully.

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