Are you intelligent consumer?

If someone knows about consumer rights and responsibilities, we can call him or her as an intelligent consumer. as well as that consumer intelligence also depends on their activities.for example, how to consumer behavior at the market.

There are two factors which mainly affect the intelligence of the consumer. Such as consumer rights and responsibilities.

What is consumer rights?.

various consumer rights
various consumer rights

This means are rights decided on behalf of the consumer. They help for getting reasonable against trade misconducts. Parties that have declared consumer right,

  • Us president John F Kennedy.
  • Consumer International

US President John F Kennedy’s consumer right

President John F Kennedy decried the world’s first consumer rights were declared By us president John F Kennedy. It took place on March 15, 1962, with a white paper submitted to congress. Therefore,’’15th of March every year is considered as World Consumer Day”  Four basic rights,

  • Right to safety.
  • Right to be informed.
  • Right to be choose.
  • Right to be heard.
Right to safety.

Right to be protected from business activities that are harmful to own life or health. Furthermore, some products or organizations are very harmful to civilians because those are specially produced for some various activities, like produce armament.

Right to be informed.

The right to know that consumers need to know about some products. The producer does not supply every information about the product but the consumer has especially the right to be informed.

Right to be choose.

The right to choose its own preferred product among alternative products and services.There is a lot of numerous substitute products on the market. Therefore, we are able to find the best product from these as well as a substitute..

Right to be heard.

The right to be get attention of need parties in formulating and maintaining policies.

”Consumer International” consumer rights.

Consumer international is an international organization that has started From the collection of worldwide consumer organizations. This organization was known as” The International Consumers Association Federation” before 1665. That agency’S consumer Rights

  1. The right to satisfaction of basic needs.
  2. The right to redress.
  3. The right to consumer education.
  4. The right to a healthy environment.
The right to satisfaction of basic needs.

The right of a consumer to satisfy own needs without any disturbance.Everyone has basic needs and we cannot live without these, like viand,

The right to redress.

The right to get redress to the consumer in disturbing opportunity.Most of the business issues warranty or Guarantee cards for that.For instance phone guarantee.

The right to consumer education.

The right to get knowledge and skill for works wisely in the market. The consumer should be intelligent, because the consumer would be able to lose their money, like the black market.

The right to a healthy environment.

The right to be live in an environment harmful to consumer life and healthy.for example,disposed of sewage correctly.

Consumer Responsibilities.

Consumer responsibilities.
Consumer responsibilities.

Consumer responsibilities are how should be acted by the consumer to win consumer rights. These responsibilities are very important for us because these protect each other If someone protects consumer responsibilities he or she also protects others. They are,

  1. critical understanding.
  2. The concern of society.
  3. Environment awareness.
  4. To be active.
  5. Collaboration.
Critical understanding.

Customer inquiries into the product and rationalize relevant information.consumer should have an understanding of their selection. For instance, expire date and contents.

The concern of society.

Understanding the impact of consumer patterns on our parties. They should know how to work with society. For example, the use of loudspeakers.

Environment awareness.

Understanding the impact of consumption patterns on the environment because the consumer should have to good disposed of sewage.

To be active.

Consumer active intervention to win their right. For example, they can ask about a guarantee certificate as you are an intelligent consumer.


Customer work collectively to win own rights.For instance, they can join with consumer organisation.

Different actions to protect consumer rights and responsibilities.

  • Consumer organisations can be energised which to face consumer irregularities.Ex- some traders sell good and service for high price.
  • we are able to situated new consumer’s agencies.Ex-customer union.
  • Various acts can be introduced about consumer rights.Ex-to safe consumer in the market.
  • Consumer education can be developed .Ex-we can held lectures about about consumer rights and responsibilities around the country.
  • We can counter about price of black market.Ex-to reject fake goods.
  • We are able to work with international consumer organisation.Ex-ANEC / Consumer International / International Consumer Research & Testing.

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