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Career Planning.

Career planning is the process of build and achieves personal goals. Perhaps we can introduce career planning as a gap between future career goals and present. Career planning can be made by ourselves or from others. However, it brings employees a better position than today.

In planning a professional plan, we have to focus on somethings.such as making career goals, amending skills, and show correct career alternative. This is the process of the cycle. Therefore, it has been doing again and again Which is a recurrent activity. Your career and workplace are not relevant to this.

For instance, someone joins with a restaurant as a servant when the age of 20 years old. When 23 years old, he becomes a chef in this restaurant. After, he bought this restaurant when he is age 30 years old. After a few years, he started more businesses from this profit. According to the above story, a human’s career is changed. He comes to work as a servant but a few years who become a businessman. Is that fortune? No. Absolutely that is perseverance. If you have a perfect career plan you can win your life like this.

career process

According to Shermerburn, Hunt, and Osbourne,” career planning is a process of systematically matching career goals and individual skills”.

People start their career planning when who engage study or after their study. Some people study at university or collage where who collect some qualifications and skills for doing the particular job in the future.

For example, you think, If someone want to be a doctor in the future. Then he or she have to select the bio subject to his or her high education. So we can call that is a primary position of career planning. Often it is best make a decision about employment after we have abstained some level of education.

Why career planning is important?

importance of career planning
  • It makes vision in the life, It makes a good understand who maybe you in the future, and what purposes are achieved in the future. For ensample, think, someone, want to be work in a bank after who has finished education. If they plan a complete professional plan who will be able to understand clearly what qualifications should be completed, what job can you do, and how to get a promotion. Then they can go their goals evidently.
  • It will strengthen you, When a person has a complete professional plan, who works permanently. It maybe makes energy to face various problems in work life. If your life is permanent according to plan, they carry on their works. Then they become a strong person.
  • To identify your value, It always depends on personal skills and abilities. we will start plan without these things, which fail quickly. Therefore, if you want to make a perfect plan, you should understand yourself first. Then you can apprehend your value.
  • To improve skills and knowledge, If you want to be a successful careerist, you have to improve basically three principles. Such as knowledge skills and attitudes. It supplies good motivation or improves these principles.
  • It gives away a simple life, If you already have a successful plan, you only have to follow it step-by-step. Then you don’t need to find answers to daily problems of career because you have found answers already.
  • To achieve targets quickly, Planning is a process, that includes what to do, how to do when to do. So if you follow up on some plan, you will be able to achieve your career targets quickly, effectively, and safely.

Why a career plan is to fail?

infirmities of career planning
  • The plan should not be contravened abilities and capacities, People should always only what they can do. They should not going overboard their value such as knowledge, experience, money, properties, habits, skills, and attitudes.
  • Irregularity, Plans should make always under the regular structure. Its functions should be arranged properly, so that is can be neatly organized.
  • Negative thinks, This may be due to a lack of confidence in the plan. Employees should believe about business, job, top officers, and their works.
  • Disturbance of the environment, A quantitative part should be allocated for this. When there are planning random events in the environment. We have to go forward.
  • It is not periodical, The plan should be periodical. It should comply with the present time and at the time of its start. Planning should not periodical.
  • Irregardless, Employers should check all parts to be doing right to again and again. That is, they have to more focus on planning. It is very important to success.
  • Making quick decision, That is the large reason to fail most of the business but it is not focused.When we have a complete plan, someone gets a quick decision but we should not do it.

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