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What Career Development(CD)?.

Career development is a very essential thing about the success of the business. Also, it is often engaging with human resources management.

we discuss only career development in this article. We have divided this topic into various parts for ease of study.

They are,

  • what is career development?.
  • What is mean of career.
  • Effect for all ages.
  • Importance of career development.
  • How to develop your skills and discover career opportunities.
  • What is career guidance.

What is career development?.

This is the process of management. This process starts with you getting to know yourself and then matching your interests, anticipations, and skills with options for study and work.

Therefore, simply this is the process of managing your life, learn, and work. this is the process of improving career-related human skills, knowledge, and attitudes. It is part of human resources management.

This process has been ongoing in a lifetime. So professional development(C d ) is more than your first job. It is your whole life hat is about getting the life you love.

What is mean of career?

Actually, a career is a sequence in which a person’s work experience evolves over time. So we can define that is a job which people is doing most of the life.

Not only that, career is a series of events that make a living. A series of salary and non-salary positions held by individuals through adolescence and retirement.

Career development effect for all ages.

Career development effect for all ages.

  • Children-Childhood is a lot of important parts of CD process Then we can start this process effectively.
  • Children always learn about different jobs in the world. They develop tastes and abilities that can impact their career paths.
  • Teenagers-Teens choose a range of subjects and courses that can lead them to career paths. They participate in college, university, part-time jobs, family activities, and hobbies.
  • Adults-Adults work at home, non paid jobs, and as volunteers.they will be able to unemployment, overworked, and change their working hours’ underemployment. They participate in informal education, hobbies, and family activities.
  • Retirees-they have the financial and personal freedom to start a business, learn, work part-time,travel volunteer, enjoy a hobby, or take care of family members. Some of them do all these.

If you create personal C D plan you will be able to set goal and objective for your own personal career growth.

You can hone your skills and find career opportunities from these…..,

  • Paid work.
  • Unpaid work experience or volunteering.
  • Cultural activities.
  • Education.
  • Hobbies.
  • Caring for family members.

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