spiritual life

Turning point.

we can be define turning point as a peculiar circumstance people have to face. Sometimes it begins based on some situation in life such as happy, sad, and despondent. It may be affected by the success or failure of our life. Everyone knew about the good effect of a turning point but most of the …

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career guidance

Career Guidance.

Career guidance is the support provided to humans to choose and prepare for the right job. According to the International Labor Organization (ILO), Career Guidance is the support provided by motivating a person with a number of issues related to his / her progress and career choice, keeping in mind the individual’s special or special …

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Are you intelligent consumer?

If someone knows about consumer rights and responsibilities, we can call him or her as an intelligent consumer. as well as that consumer intelligence also depends on their activities.for example, how to consumer behavior at the market. There are two factors which mainly affect the intelligence of the consumer. Such as consumer rights and responsibilities. What is consumer rights?. …

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